Jason // Mischief Photographer

Country: USA
Occupation: IT Professional
Featured in:
Mischief 8 (2011)
Cars Featured in Mischief:
BMW E36 (just purchased)
Background - How you got into cars and how did you hear about Mischief?
"We've seen Jason around at the local car meets in the DC area. His photography skills are pretty damn good!" - Dustin
Favorite Mischief Moments - Your favorite story while filming for Mischief?
"Drifting in 3 feet of snow with an envoy of cars and an s2000 somehow manages to make it up a giant hill in 3 feet of snow with no chains hahah"
Anything else you want to add?
"Dustin has been working hard on the upcoming Mischief movie so stay tuned!"