Canadian Brian (Prova4re) // Executive Producer, Driver


Country: USA, Canada
Occupation: Story Teller
Facebook: Private
Featured in:
Mischief Destroy
Mischief Invasion
Mischief V Dynasty
Mischief Assault
Mischief 7 JoyRide
Cars Featured in Mischief:
1991 NSX

2001 Ferrari 360 Spider

Background - How you got into cars and how did you hear about Mischief?
Dustin and Dado first met Brian on the '03 Players Run Rally. Brian has helped filming over the years and became the Executive Producer of "Mischief 7 JoyRide". Mischief wouldn't be around with out Brian's financial support.
Favorite Mischief Moments - Your favorite story while filming for Mischief?
"On the Players Run we got caught for speeding over 100 mph with 12 other cars. I had to bail the Jackass movie star out of jail because he was broke and couldn't aford the 500 bucks to get out."