Deepak // Executive Producer, Driver


Country: USA
Occupation: Spiritual Leader, Playboy
Website: N/A
Featured in:
Mischief Assault
Mischief 7 JoyRide
Mischief 8 (Coming Soon)
Cars Featured in Mischief:
2000 Porsche Carrera 4
1986 Lamborghini LM002
2000 LCW Lincoln Limousine
Other Cars:
2004 Land Rover Range Rover
2005 Jaguar S-type
1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited
"Deepak first discovered the Mischief series after receiving a free copy of "Mischief Destroy". From that point on he was hooked! He immediately participated in the Players Run rally and that's where he met Canadian Brian and John. Deepak took Dustin along with him on the 2006 Gumball 3000. Deepak became a major character in the Mischief series and was even the executive producer of "Mischief 7 JoyRide."
Background - How you got into cars and how did you hear about Mischief?
"I became a fan of the series with 'Mischief Destroy' -- a friend got it from the release party and told me I had to see it. I promptly started rallying, first with the Player's Run, then Gumball and more. I found the Mischief lifestyle more compelling than other projects that have since fizzled out for one reason --- it was real. The attitude, the scene, the cars -- I could tell it was exactly how my friends and I were and felt. Whats kept me around since then is the great people and parties and all the crazy antics that can't even make it onto the movies."
Favorite Mischief Moments - Your favorite story while filming for Mischief?
"There are so many great moments, like the day of the Vette crash (Assault) and we all went ATVing afterwards and I rolled a 650. "Where's Jerry?" outtakes all over the Southwest including the girls of Austin getting a little Mischief-crazy for us. In fact, girls getting crazy for us in LA, NY, London, Vegas, Miami, Kansas City, Denver, St Louis, Chicago, Detroit" .... ;)