Rob "Lonman" // Driver

Country: USA
Occupation: Director at Nemesis Telecom
Facebook: Private
Featured in:
Mischief 3000
Mischief Destroy
Mischief Invasion
Cars Featured in Mischief:
2002 Mercedes SL55 (Silver) 2002 Mercedes SL55 (Blue) 2002 Porsche GT2
"Dado and I first met Rob on the 2002 Gumball 3000. He was the most talked about driver in that event. We never really hung out during that rally. The next year Rob participated in first Players Run rally with us. He learned about "Mischief" by watching "Mischief 3000". During the PR, Rob and his brother would always wait and drive with us and by doing so, Dado and I got into a lot of trouble.

Our last rally with Rob was the 2003 Cannonball Run Europe. We all had so much fun messing up the Ford Mondeo during the rally that Rob bought us the two used Jaguars that we destroyed in "Mischief Invasion".

I briefly saw Rob in London at the start of the 2006 Gumball 3000. That's the last I've heard from him." - Dustin

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