Wissam // Driver

Country: Born in United States but 100% Lebanese
Occupation: Working in Northern Virginia area at a car dealership and auctions. Also dabbling in real estate on the side.
Website: www.Mischief.tv
Featured in:
Mischief 8 (2011)
Cars Featured in Mischief:
2005 Porsche Boxster Eibach Springs 2005 Porsche Boxster S H&R Springs & a NHP Carbon Fiber Strut Brace
Background - How you got into cars and how did you hear about Mischief?

"We first met Wissam on a midnight run to Times Square in 2009. He kept showing up on our drives after that so we made him a crew member." - Dustin

"I have always had a love for cars since i was a kid. I drove my first car when I was 4 and learned to drive a stick at the age of 8. Got my first speeding ticket when I was 14 and my license revoked when I was only 15. I obviously don't have the best driving record. The first time I heard about Mischief was during the Gumball rally. I just remember thinking that they drive like me. That video would always make me want to go and drive fast."

Favorite Mischief Moments - Your favorite story while filming for Mischief?
"Too many too think of. The West Virginia runs are the most fun but some of the funniest stuff happens when you least expect it. Filming for Fulmer's new reflective helmet was hilarious. The roman candle fight afterward was a blast. But the most recent trip to the Mischief compound was one of my favorites. Watching Smitty almost flip over the handle bars of the four wheeler was epic. Good times."