FOX // Website Nerd, Administrator

Country: USA
Occupation: Network Security
Featured in:
Mischief 8 (Coming Soon)
Cars Featured in Mischief:
2003.5 BMW M3
Background - How you got into cars and how did you hear about Mischief?
"I remember getting a call from a friend of mine saying he has this cool car video I need to see. At the time I just owned an SUV and was starting to get into cars, but knew nothing about them. The video we saw was Mischief 3000. From the moment I saw the video, I was hooked. I purchased every DVD that came out after that.

Later when the forums were created, I joined them and the rest is history. Since I live in Minnesota, I don't live anywhere near the crew but the couple times they've come to Chicago, I made sure I was there to hang out with everyone."

Favorite Mischief Moments - Your favorite story while filming for Mischief?
"Best moment was at the Fast Five Rally from Chicago to Davenport. Had a lot of fun driving with everyone and the party at night was definitely something to remember... Never again will I drink our "Christmas" drink."
Anything else you want to add?
"Everyone on the forums is truly amazing. The community feels like another family and I'm proud to be a part of it!"