Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Dustin Worles Acquitted in Highly Publicized VA Reckless Driving Case

Dustin Worles's official statement:

"Back in December, an article on the cover of the Washington Post accuses me of evading police in a black BMW M3 with 14 other vehicles. This poorly written article actually makes fun of my hair style: "…Dustin Worles, who plays a “Jackass”-style joker in the tapes and has hair gelled up as if he were perpetually driving a convertible." The reason that I haven't spoken out about the case is because anything I said online could be used against me in court. Last week, the Augusta County District Court in Virginia acquitted me of my reckless driving charge. I was actually standing outside a parked car when a police officer approached me and later ticketed me. I was never behind the wheel of any car that day. This proves that the Washington Post article about me being involved in "a furious 20-mile chase across two counties" was false. Also the conclusion of the article says that we all had received reckless driving tickets. If we were evading the police for 20-miles you would think the police would have arrested us and impounded our cars. Not one car was impounded. However, we were scammed out of $3,000 in towing charges.

Now that the "Virginia's largest street racing bust" court case is over, I will start working on a documentary about the case. Over the 11 years of producing the Mischief series, we've dealt with police departments from all over the world. This case was the most outrageous one that I've ever been involved in. In this documentary, I will include the new rules that you need to follow when organizing your own "cruise". Since I was the organizer of this Sunday drive, I'm was responsible for any actions done by the other drivers. Nowadays everyone has a GoPro mounted on/in their vehicles. I will tell you what your rights are and what you can do if you get a video camera taken. There's a lot to learn from our case. I'm happy to share the nightmare that we went through so hopefully one day this doesn't happen to you.

I want to thank everyone who supported us through this ordeal!"

Washington Post Article Here