Police Bust Our Times Square Photo Shoot

On Saturday we participated in our third NYC midnight run this year with the tuning shop AUTOCouture Motoring. We didn't plan on doing a photo shoot in the middle of Times Square. After we passed through TS a couple times we found temporary parking in front of the NYPD substation. It was illegal to park but it was 2am and we weren't blocking any lanes. The area was just big enough to fit all the cars. We ended up staying there for 30 minutes while our friend Matt Petrie shot photos. In those thirty minutes we were swarmed by tourists like it was a car show. When the cops did finally showed up they were pissed. They threatened to tow all the cars. After they issued each car $115 parking tickets, the cops chilled out and asked about the cars. We ended up exchanging Instagram names with some of the cops. Pretty cool but they didn't rip up the tickets. A very expensive photo shoot but well worth it! The line up. Click on photo for gallery. Evil X5 M Matt N. happy that he's not getting towed Eric's E90 with a fresh satin white vinyl wrap installed by AUTOCouture Monster M3 with a Manhart Racing kit