Video: Movie - "H20 International Weekend 2013"

Presenting our 2013 H20i movie. The fastest 27mins ever. Features 9 songs, a couple hundred cars, police, donuts, street drifting...a mini Mischief movie. Please share and promote this video. If you don't laugh or get goosebumps at least once, you may be a zombie.I would like to thank the Mischief Crew for helping me with this project. Thanks Irzib Massiw, Andrew Ke, and Daniel Worles for helping me film. Thanks Bogdan Poplacean for bring MSCF DAWG. Thanks to Damen Knight and Christina Marinelli Knight for providing their Lotus for the weekend. Thanks Rick Prusak for surprising us with the Brammo Empulse R. Thanks Alex Krishchyunas for your amazing drifting skills. Thanks Alex Koswener for destroying your tires. Thanks to everyone else who helped us out!

Oh yea, I included a quick teaser of unreleased Mischief footage after the credits. I recommend watching on a computer with great sound system. Lots of BASS. Enjoy!!!

• DESCRIPTION: video coverage of the 2013 H20 International event weekend that took place in Ocean City, Md on 9/27-9/29. Our coverage does not include the actual H20i car show. We're more interested in covering the craziness that surrounds the event. Our video covers various car meets from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. The video is divided up by days; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Saturday includes quick feature of a 2013 Brammo Empulse R full electric motorcycle. Sunday includes street drifting in an industrial park outside of Ocean City.The best clips from this movie will be featured in our upcoming "Mischief 8 - Guilty By Association" DVD. We will also include the best clips that we've shot during the last five H20i events. Release of the new movie is TBA.

After the credits, we show a quick teaser of unleashed Mischief footage that was shot in Serbia. A "Mischief Unreleased Footage" trailer and a "Mischief 8" movie trailer will be released on Youtube soon.

• DIRECTED & EDITED BY: Dustin Worles Creator of the Mischief Series

• FILMED BY: Dustin Worles Andrew Ke Wissam Bizri Daniel Worles

• PHOTOGRAPHY: Wissam Bizri Matt Klinger


• THANKS TO THE MISCHIEF CREW Matthew Nicholson Eric Kuehn Gabe Katz Sam Katz Dash Dashtaray Michael Johnson Joel Mank

• SPECIAL THANKS TO: Alex Koswener Aysha Altizer Melanie Altizer Alex Krishchyunas Andrei Nemtsov Ryan Connolly Pablito Sagnay Rosinka Zgurschi Tiffany Tam Michael Martindale Arty Bolembakh Caitlin Hussakowski Rick Prusak Mike Sullivan Kam Koss

• LOTUS EXIGE S PROVIDED BY: Christina Marinelli Knight & Damen Knight

• BRAMMO EMPULSE R PROVIDED BY: Eurosports - Coopersburg, PA

• FEATURED MUSIC• •  Mischief Intro & Outro: Vertigo "Be Free (Down Mix)" Purchase:

•  Friday: Alien - "Unlike Pluto" (free download)

•  Friday Night: Cyberwave Orchestra - "Waiting for the storm"

•  Saturday 1: AaA ft. Ashe 3.0 - "Kill Kill Kill"

•  Saturday 2: Skrux - "Universe (Mashup)" (free download)

•  Saturday 3: Kayzo & Slander - "Gettin Down" (free dowload) &

•  Saturday Night 1: Killafoe - "Alone (Fytch Remix)" &

•  Saturday Night 2: Jackal - "Power Moves" (free download)

• Sunday: Dark Elixir - "Tilted" Sound Recording Administered by: Seed

• Sunday 2: Cut & Run - "Diced" Non officially: Finlay Qyaye & William Orbit - Dice (Engage Bootleg)

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