Our New YouTube Channel "Mischief Clips"

We started a new YouTube channel called "Mischief Clips". All the videos featured on this channel are produced by Mischief.tv. Some of the video clips featured are from our DVD movie series called "Mischief". The video clips posted here are very short and most of them are raw footage.

Mischief Clip: "RHD Subaru Legacy Wagon Wide-Body Reverses Through Drive-Thru". Spotted in Ocean City, MD during the 2013 H20 International event. A retired RHD US Postal Legacy turned into a wide-body turbo monster.

The full 27min "Mischief.tv Movie - H20 International Weekend 2013" video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buSCs7hGcNY