Project Rogue - Titans

We've had the pleasure with working with Raymond Herrera, the drummer from Fear Factory, over the years and he just informed us that he launched a new crowdfunding music project called "Project Rogue - Titans": 21 Heavy Metal Artists get together to make a colossal album for the legions of metal fans around the world. We hope you guys reach your goal!

PROJECT ROGUE is legendary and emerging metal artists coming together to create a unique, new music and video project. As a contributor, you'll get unprecedented access to every part of the experience!

Confirmed PROJECT ROGUE artists as of June 9th 2014:


  • Raymond Herrera - Fear Factory/Arkaea
  • Shavo Odadjian - System Of A Down
  • Chris Adler - Lamb Of God
  • Rob Barrett - Cannibal Corpse 
  • John Boecklin - Devildriver
  • Paul Masvidal - Death/Cynic
  • David Davidson - Revocation
  • Sean Reinert - Death/Cynic
  • Jon Howard - Threat Signal/Arkaea
  • Mitch Harris - Napalm Death 
  • Jed Simon - Scar The Martyr/Strapping Young Lad
  • Frank Watkins - Obituary/Gorgoroth
  • Wayne Static - Static X
  • Christian Olde Wolbers - Fear Factory/Arkaea 
  • Pat Lachman - Damageplan
  • Logan Mader - Machine Head/Soulfly
  • JD Schmidt - Nociceptor
  • Robert Luciani - Means End
  • Vincent Zylstra - Synthetic Breed
  • Andrew Zink - Akeldama
  • Connor Reibling - Akeldama