Mischief TV Short Film: H2Oi Weekend 2014

24min Mischief Short Film - “H20i 2014 Weekend”. Our last H2Oi video had over 369,000 views and we think this one’s better. This film also introduces our newest Mischief characters and newest Mischief cars that will be featured in "Mischief 8" (Spring 2015). Big shout out to Jonathan Lake at DownShiftRecords , Mark Scire II, and Andrew Ke for helping us film all the craziness! Please share and enjoy! All music info is in the YT description with download links.

●DESCRIPTION: Our coverage of the wild days leading up to the H2O International VW/Audi car show that takes place annually outside of Ocean City, MD. We never actually make it out to the H2Oi event itself because filming parked cars is boring. However we promote the event because it’s just a great weekend to hang out with car people.

This short film is also an introduction to some of our new characters and new project cars that you will see in our upcoming “Mischief 8: Guilty By Association” movie. The release date is scheduled for Spring 2015. One of the chapters in M8 will feature 6yrs worth of H2Oi weekend coverage.

BTW if anyone gets offended by this video it probably means that you have no sense of humor. Lighten the fuck up and enjoy the cars & music!

●FILM BY Dustin Worles dustin@mischief.tv https://www.facebook.com/dustinworles

●MISCHIEF CREW Eric Kuehn Matthew Nicholson Jason Conklin Bogdan Poplacean Dave Reisinger Gabe Katz Daniel Worles Dash Dashtaray Cuong Phan Bryan Showalter

VW HUNTER Collin Smith


ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE Jonathan Lake DownShiftRecords https://www.youtube.com/user/DownShif...


ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE & PHOTOGRAPY Andrew Ke Paragraph One Films http://vimeo.com/paragraphonefilms


THANKS: Sal@ACM https://www.facebook.com/autocouturem...

Rick@Eurosports http://www.eurosports.net/

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