So where's "Mischief 8"? Where's the "Washington Post/Augusta County vs Mischief" documentary? The questions are frustrating to answer but I don't mind getting them. There are things behind the scenes that you're not seeing. Here's an example; the Wash Post cover story about our "reckless driving" in Augusta County police was back in 2012. This case didn't wrap up until a few weeks ago. I was never charged with anything (how could I lead a 20 mile police chase while sitting in the passenger seat lol). Protecting myself and my drivers is more important than badmouthing a police dept.


Part of our documentary will explain that stuff you say on social media could affect the outcome of your case. I use Facebook for marketing myself and for marketing Mischief so my posts can been seen by anyone. So guess who was reading my FB posts for the last 2.5 yrs? Yep, the Augusta police (hi guys!). They couldn’t wait to tell us after our last court case


Things are different now. Again, public shaming on social media continues to be the rage. It’s the new norm. Being careful is why we are still around, and why there’s still nothing like Mischief out right now. I’m not going to give you any sort of time frame when “M8” or our documentary will be finished. However, we’re still covering events, we’re still filming, and I’m working on the 3rd episode of our web series “Mischief Road Trip”.


So where’s Dado? He’s still around and is expecting his 3rd bundle of joy :)


Dustin Worles