"Midnight Run" to Times Square (8-11-12) - An Instagram Story

Our friend Berk organized a "Midnight Run" to Times Square that took place this past Saturday. He invited Mischief.tv out to cover his private event. Here's our story told by my Instagram photos:


Christina was kind enough to lend me her Lotus Exige S to use for part of the Midnight Run. My film crew was on vacation so I had to film the entire event myself. I just needed something fast to drive (at the speed limit) to Aberdeen, MD to meet up with my Midnight Run driver, Eric K. I left my house in White Plains, MD at 12pm.

2pm - Berk and I are the first to arrive at the start line @ Intersport Auto Sales & Service in McLean, VA

@ Intersport - Cars begin to arrive

@ Intersport: Ken brings some serious muscle. Ryan's Supra just chillin in the background.

@ Intersport: CARROTS is surrounded

@ Intersport: Jameson and Rob's Lotuseses

We hit the road around 2:30pm. I wanted to film all the cars leaving which put me in back of the pack. Of course I didn't have an EZ pass so I lost everyone on the Dulles Toll Road.

It took me a while to catch up to everyone on the Beltway. BTW Instagraming and driving is dangerous.

Omar and Justin in the Ferrari hanging with Ryan's Supra in the Laurel, MD area

Ryan and I separated from the pack and I ditched the stolen Lotus off at Eric's house in Aberdeen, MD. I meant borrowed Lotus.

I jumped into Eric's supercharged M3 (ESS Tuning kit) and we rushed to catch up with the rest of the drivers

My crew finally meets back up with the Midnight Runners at the DE rest area on I-95

@ DE Stop: Gabe gassing up his M3

@ DE Stop: Sick S5

A rainbow forms out the side of Ryan's Supra. Too bad it wasn't a double.

Just getting into PA

BBQ dinner at PT Deon's compound in Langhorne, PA (some thought it was Langhome, PA)

@ PT'S: Ever see a real Caboose just sitting in someone's yard? (Check out the creeper hiding in the bushes)

@ PT's: The Caboose has been converted into a guest house!

@ PT's: Back of the property where new faces were awaiting our arrival

@ PT's: Inside one of many garages on the property

@ PT's: Crazy widebody 300ZX pushing 970hp

@ PT'S: Photo of the motor

@ PT's: Gymnast McKayla was disappointed in herself because she wasn't able to make the run

@ PT's: Flat Black CTS-V

@PT's - 993 Turbo

Following Sterling (who drove down from Michigan!) to Jersey City

Gassing up before heading to Jersey City

Google Maps tried to get us lost and succeeded a couple of times

Liberty House Restaurant in Jersey City for photos in front of Freedom Tower/New York City skyline

Last minute meet up on W 56th Street in NYC. I'm just glad that we weren't the only ones that got lost leaving Jersey City.

Bogdan arrived just in time. He got off of work at 5pm in MD and flew up to NYC.


I was pretty stressed out trying to shoot all the cars driving through Times Square. I missed the first run because we got stuck in traffic. Pretty much a clusterfuck because of how busy Times Square is on a clear, Saturday night.

After I shot a couple Times Square passes, we had to rush to find a gas station. Eric's car almost ran out of gas. (Check engine lights because race car)

At this point of the night, we were all ready to drink heavily. No time, next stop hotel in Secaucus, NJ

On Sunday we got of the road by noon and sat in traffic most of the way back to the DC area

I got back to Eric's around 3pm, picked up the Lotus, and got home around 5pm.

We would like to thank Berk for putting together another awesome FREE event! Thanks to PT Deon for the food & drinks and showing us around your amazing compound! Thanks to Christina for the Lotus and thanks to Eric for being my high speed chauffeur! And thanks to my crew for all your help!

All the participants were so damn cool and we can't wait for the next run! I'll post up an edited video on YouTube soon.