We help you sell your crazy "caught on tape" videos to TV shows

I started a new Youtube channel to help people sell their crazy "caught on tape" videos of fights, car crashes, near misses, etc. I've been shopping clips around for years and finally got around to creating this YouTube channel. This will be easier for me to show producers the clips. There will be a small finders fee if I sell your clip but I'll try working that fee into the deal. Example of how this works: I get contacted by a producer looking for fight footage. I send him/her examples of fighting footage that I have. They choose which ones they want to license and we negotiate the price. The owner of the footage then signs the contracts with the producer and receives the check. The owner of the footage still owns the rights to their footage. They are just "licensing" the footage to a particular show. So basically you can sell the same footage to several different TV Shows. The producer may change your story to make it sound more interesting for TV but who cares, you're getting paid! I've sold the Corvette Z06 hitting a tree video 5 times and I've received $500 to $1000 off each show. Here's the raw footage of the Corvette crash that I've posted on our new Youtube channel. This 13min raw clip will show a producer how much footage he has to work with.

Here's what the "Smoking Gun" TV show did with the clip:

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More info email me dustin@mischief.tv