DC Exotics: hosted by Lamborghini of Washington

This past Saturday, despite there still being lingering snow on the ground in places, we had some unusually warm weather for late February.  We welcomed the couple days of winter reprieve with the February DC Exotics meet. Lamborghini of Washington hosts this meet once a month and doesn't disappoint with the number of both classic and modern exotics and supercars that come out. You can always expect to see anything from classic Alfa’s and twin turbo Lamborghinis to Vipers and imported Skylines.

Since the automotive community tends to go into hibernation over the winter, I took this opportunity to practice shooting with my new DJI Ronin-M stabilizing my Nikon D800. To say I was blown away with how easy and intuitive the Ronin-M is to use and made shooting with a DSLR would be an understatement! Enjoy our video coverage of the meet and if you’re interested in hearing more about my initial impressions of the Ronin-M keep reading below.

About a month ago I bit the bullet and finally bought a DJI Ronin-M (link to ronin) to use with the Nikon D800 I normally shoot with. In the past I’ve used various DIY methods to help keep video shot with the DSLR smooth and have had mixed success. The best of those was a monopod with a little weight at the end opposite of the camera however getting consistent results still took some work.

Ronin-M all set up with the exception of my 7" monitor.

Ronin-M all set up with the exception of my 7" monitor.


Right out of the box the Ronin-M blew me away with how easy it was to set up, balance, and shoot with. From cutting the tape on the box when it arrive to fully setup and ready to shoot with my camera mounted was 20 minutes at most. I’ve never used a gimbal system like this in the past either, so I was doing it all for the first time. Shortly after, I ran outside to take a test clip with it and in the video below you can see the results.

The only gripe I had was that it’s a little slow to start panning and tilting with its default settings. That was very quickly corrected after making a few small tweaks with the DJI Assistant app to help speed things up. One thing to also keep in mind with a gimbal like this is if you’re used to shooting via the LCD on the back of your camera it’s basically impossible due to the way you hold the gimbal as well as the arms that hold the camera itself. So know that you will also need to purchase a small 4”-7” monitor if you don’t already have one to use for monitoring while shooting. Overall, the Ronin-M is a great addition to my gear bag and can’t wait to use it more!


-Mark S.