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Redbull Global Rallycross DC

Photography by: Mark Scire and Collin Smith

A couple weekends ago Redbull brought their Global Rallycross series to the DC area with a stop at RFK Stadium. Collin and myself went out to capture the action since its not too often racing series stop in the immediate DC area. Weather for the vent was great until midday Saturday when just before finals the clouds rolled in fast and the sky opened up with a torrential downpour. That made for great opportunity to catch the cars slid their way through the dirt section of the track throwing mud everywhere, including on us. We hope you enjoy the photo coverage as we had a great time capturing the event!



Battle Creek SpeedFest - A Head to Head 1/4 Mile Shootout During an Air Show - July 1-4

Battle Creek Speedfest, Michigan’s only head to head 1/2 mile shootout, taking place July 1-4th. Can you imagine racing you car head to head on a runway during an air show with thousands of people cheering you on? Bring out the whole family! More info at



Daily Participants $150.00 - Includes Driver and 2 additional passes.  1 parking pass in Speedfest designated parking.  Good only for one day.  

Weekend Participants $325.00 - Includes driver and 2 additional passes.  1 parking pass in Speedfest designated parking.  Good for all 3 days.  

Additional admission/pit passes - Additional passes can be bought online.  These passes can be bought when registering to participate in the half mile.  Cost is $10 for either day or $30 for weekend pass.  This will include 1 parking pass ($15 savings).  Must be bought while registering to receive free parking pass.  You can purchase tickets on site at the main gate.  Pit pass will only be available for team members.  Pit area will be open to all spectators for 3 hours each day. TBA.  


All participants must go through tech inspection prior to running the half mile.  This will be done once you arrive.  Pre-Tech inspection form will be available prior to arriving.  This will speed up the process and get you all set up to run. 

We will have daily drivers meeting each day before first run.  

All entrees includes 3 passes including driver and 1 parking pass in designated area.  If support vehicle needed to go on track for vehicle please email us for prior approval.  

We will be running 3 sessions per day.  TBD.  1 pass in AM and 2 in PM.  We will have a long break between 2nd, and 3rd session due to the main Air Show attraction.  At this time pit area will be open to all spectators.  

Camping is available.  Visit 

Will be limited amount of participants each day.  Once we fill up there will be a waiting list.  Those who decide to want to register on site can only if we have room.

Tents will be allowed.  You can only use weights to keep the tents down.  You can also utilize the grass area behind where you’ll pit at and here you can use several methods to keep the tent from flying away.  I must warn you we are at an airport with high winds at times. So please make sure your tent is securely secured or Airport security will ask you to bring it down.  

Drivers tent/lounge will be available with water and snacks.  Food will be available to be purchased.  You can also enjoy some of the locals food booths in the show area.  

All participants will have to wear proper credentials and or escorted by a staff member when outside of the designated show area.  

Food and drink can be brought in coolers.  No grills are allowed.  No alcohol beverages will be allowed.  Can be purchased at several beer tents in the show area.  

No DRONES are allowed on airport grounds.  If used you will be asked to put it away and or taken away from Airport Security.  Please don’t attempt to use this on site.  This is a working airport and planes will be flying in and out through out the day even those not part of air show.  This is FAA rules.  

No ATV’s, Scooter and or unauthorized golf carts will be used on airport grounds.  If you must use one please email us and we will have to get prior approval from Airport Security.   

We are working on having VP Fuels attend with a variety selection of race fuel for sale at wholesale prices.  Will have better idea closer to the event date.  Will keep you informed.  

No refunds due to weather and or incident that occurs during the event.  If Battle Creek Speedfest is canceled prior to the event date and Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festivals continues, we will refund all the participants.  Registration can be transferred in case you cannot make the event.  Email email us prior to doing so.  

There will be a designated entrance for all Vendors and Participants.  Times TBD.  Gates are not open at all times.  Only few times per day due to airport security.  Earliest you can enter is at 7am.   Gate 20 is going to be the designated gate and plenty of room for Semi trucks to enter.  It’s located off Helmer Rd.  

All will enter through Gate 15 or 16.  We will have a designated area for all Speedfest support vehicles.  Must have approval prior to event date.  Special pass will be given at Check in. More info 

Mischief Quickie: Mark's S54 M Coupe

Words by: Collin Smith
Photography: Tony Lopez (MeatyFlush)
Video: Mark Scire

BMW Z3 M Coupes have always been, since their inception, a strange beast. First built in secret, almost entirely out of leftovers, the final years of the M Coupe had 3 generations of 3-series parts. The front suspension was from an E36, the rear from an E30, and in the last 2 years of production the motor was pulled from an E46. Given these strange origins, it is not a surprise that it is such a polarizing car. Many a coupe owner has proudly looked upon a stranger examining their car, only to be told that it is the ugliest thing they have ever seen. Quickie Video


Mark Scire’s 2002 M Coupe is undeniably beautiful, even if you are not a big fan of the M Coupe. His car perfectly embodies his OEM Plus ideal of modifying cars, with just the right bits changed out or improved. He started his journey with the purchase of an S54 coupe, not an easy task as the S54 cars account for only 678 of the 2,858 M Coupes sold in North America. The Titanium Silver paint never fails to look spectacular as the sunlight helps it to accentuate the slippery contours of the E36/8. Unusual for a modern car, many M Coupes received a two tone interior, and Mark’s M Coupe is one such case, sporting a Dark Gray and Black Nappa interior. These gray panels on the seats, center stack, and dashboard set off the gray gauges unique to the S54 coupes.


Rowing through the gears of the five speed gearbox is done with a ZHP style shift knob, its weight giving a satisfying mechanical feel to the action. Shifting occurs very often, thanks to the switch from the stock 3.15 ratio differential to a very short 3.73 unit. Mark has also made the cockpit a much nicer place to be with the replacement of the US-spec dashboard underpanels with their European equivalents. These eschew the crash bracing required by US standards, and offer a much sleeker look, not to mention much more room for your knees. This, combined with the Thayer Motorsports seat tilt kit, actually make the driver’s seat of this M Coupe a nice place to be on long drives.


Not as nice on the long drives is the custom exhaust fabricated by Piper Motorsports, consisting of dual Magnaflow cans, but it is wonderful while whipping around town or down choice backroads. The stock-looking quad tips emit the classic S54 rasp, loved by some, hated by others, which suits this car perfectly. Further improving the performance of this M Coupe is a set of Ground Control coilovers paired with Vorschlag camber plates. This setup rides very well on the street or at an autocross, and also allows Mark to create a beautiful, yet functional stance. The wheels are BBS RS211 centers, stepped up to an 18 inch diameter courtesy of Rotiform bubble lips. The wheels are built to an 11 inch width in the rear and 9 inch width up front, offering plenty of grip with the Hankook summer tires Mark has selected. The only modification made to the body of this M Coupe is the addition of AC Schnitzer Front Flippers, mounted to the front bumper. These splitters accentuate the already aggressive looking front end of the M Coupe, and actually add a bit of downforce at high speeds.


The M Coupe has been enjoying quite a bit of popularity and nostalgia in the press recently. It has been lauded as a future classic, and a true driver’s car. Many still criticize the awkward styling, and in the same breath praise the car’s driving dynamics. Love it or hate it from the outside, the experience from the driver’s seat is fantastic. All it takes is one drive…

New York Auto Show 2016

Photography by: Collin Smith & Dash Dashtaray

Washington D.C. has a lot of things going for it, but a spectacular auto show is not one of these things. For that, we journeyed to the Empire State. The New York International Auto Show hosts over 1000 cars, occupies nearly 1 million sq. ft. and brings in over 1 million people. Truly mind boggling numbers, indeed. Setting out to see this spectacle, and catch the debut of a few new cars, we were not disappointed. Enjoy some snaps from the show below.