STUDIO: Destroy Studio & Reckless Entertainment
DISTRIBUTED: Warner Music Group & Destroy Entertainment
GENRE: Motorsports, Documentary
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“The Teckademics world domination continues with “Mischief Assault”. In this sixth installment of “Mischief”, Dado puts aside his turbo M3 for one drift season and takes the wheel of a brand new Cadillac CTS-V. Dustin sets up a free track day at BeaveRun Raceway for Mischief fans and the Mischief Crew trashes the complex. New Mischief Crew vehicles are featured. Pro skater Josh Kalis’s wicked 600+hp M5 is also featured. There’s a new “Snow” chapter that includes the “World’s Slowest Police Chase” and the dogging of a Ferrari 360 Spider before it’s sold. There’s another “Driftademics” chapter and the “Reckless” chapters cover drives in CA, FL, NY, and PA and includes the aftermath of a $700,000 Ferrari crash! The Mischief Crew returns to the Dream Cruise in Detroit with a pack of exotics and returns to Las Vegas to film the hottest cars leaving Sema. The movie would not be complete without a “Mischief Greatest Hit’s” chapter. This and more street racing and auto abuse all set to a hot soundtrack from the fresh electronic sounds of Vertigo and the punk hits of Lobster Records.”

1. Warning
2. Intro [2:03]
3. Reckless in FL/NY/NV [3:18]
4. Audrey’s M5 [1:12]
5. Dustin’s MX6 [1:55]
6. Vader’s GT3 [1:43]
7. Daniel’s MR2 [1:06]
8. Brian’s & Carrie’s Cars [2:05]
9. Mark’s SS [:17]
10. Dado’s Dually [3:28]
11. Philly Street Racing [2:03]
12. School Bus Demolition [2:16]
13. Driftademics 2 [3:36]
14. Hangin’ With Tyson Beckford [1:14]
15. BeaveRun [8:23]
16. Reckless in PA [4:25]

17. Woodward Dream Cruise – Friday [2:21]
18. Woodward Dream Cruise – Saturday [2:54]
19. Woodward Dream Cruise – Sunday [3:26]
20. Airsoft Ambush [:53]
21. Josh Kalis’s M5 [3:22]
22. Leaving SEMA 2/Dash’s Intro [3:32]
23. Reckless 6 [5:27]
24. Snow 4 [3:41]
25. Buying a Lamborghini Truck [4:06]
26. State College, PA [1:27]
27. Reckless in CA [3:21]
28. Leaving Concorso Italiano [2:38]
29. What Happened to Dado’s M3? [1:06]
30. Mischief’s Greatest Hits [2:41]
31. MTV Meeting [:42]
32. Bloopers & Outtakes [5:44]
33. Credits [2:15]

Hot summer nights – Canadian Teck Show & Drag
Dynasty weekend party


Sean Murphy

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Dustin Worles

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Dustin Worles
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Davelocity (Dynasty FUR party)
Greg & Nicole McCarty (350Z spinout)
Dan Burt (Japan footage)

Band: Vertigo
(Xavier and Christian Swafford)
“Empty (Crash Remix)”
“Be Free (Down Mix)”
“Tunnel Vision”
“Release (Voxless)”
“Get Fukt”
“Come With Me”
“Breaking” (Credits Song)Band: Lorene Drive
Album: Romantic Wealth
Lobster Records
“God Knows I Love You Kid”
“Kill Your Lover”
“Change of Occupation”
“Let it Go”

Band: Over it
Album: Silverstrand
Lobster Records
“Partner in Crime”
“Chef Yan”
“Ignore the Noise”
“Never Get Enough”Band: Park
Album: Building a Better _
Lobster Records
“Chica Chica”
“Trophy Wife”

Band: Days Like These
Album: Inventure
Lobster Records
“Caution” Lip Service”