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GENRE: Motorsports, Documentary
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“Mischief” is the first documentary to cover illegal street racing culture. This movie also features actual footage of hiding and escaping from the police. This 60+ minute movie features street racing in Washington DC, Philadelphia, and San Diego. “Mischief” also covers the 2002 Detroit Auto Show, import pro-drag crashes, and Jackass-style stunts. “Mischief” has been featured on MTV, MTV2, CMT, and Dateline on NBC. “Mischief” is the real deal and shows what is really happening in the fast-growing underground street racing culture.

Rise Above Entertainment Achievement Award, Mischief Series Gold Achievement Status, 2003, IRMA Gold Certification for Sale of 125,000 units or a dollar volume of $9 million at retail for theatrically released programs, 25,000 units and $1 million suggested retail for nontheatrical titles

Rise Above Entertainment Achievement Award, Mischief Series Platinum Achievement Status, 2004, IRMA Platinum Certification for Sale of 250,000 units or a dollar volume of $18 million at retail for theatrically released programs, or 50,000 units or $2 million at suggested retail for non theatrical titles


1. How I met Dado The first time I started seeing Dado was at the local Maryland car meets in 2000. He had this wild yellow E36 M3 with huge wheels and it had a nice bodykit on it. I started hanging out with Dado and I use to go to meets with him in my yellow Mazda MX6. No one gave me a hard time for showing up to the DTM meets in a Jap car. At the end of 2000, I started shooting video of the DTM meets and drives. Later on my brother started cruising with us in his orange MR2. The 3 of us use to drive to every meet and car show together up and down the east coast. We called ourselves Team Skittles as a joke.

I first thought that Dado was going to be some snotty european dude. Then I found out that he was Brazilian and just a quiet, polite person. The first time I ever talked to him, I never noticed his thick accent. The next time that I talked to him over the telephone I didn’t know what the fuck he was saying. It took a while to get use to the accent. Now Dado is better at talking in front of the camera than I am.

2. What ended up happening to the guy in the S4 running from the police? People thought this was staged. This took place while on the Super Street Tour in 2001. My friends were flying on I-95S in a S4 and flew by a cop that was shooting radar. By the time the cop got on the road, the S4 had gotten off an exit. I really wish the guy filming in the backseat found have at least looked behind him and then kept filming as they were hiding off the highway. My friends ended up hiding in some woods for a while and then took some back roads and met back with the SS tour in SC. The cop never had a chance to get their tag.

3. About 45% of the footage in Mischief was taken from a VHS movie that I made in college called “ACCLR8”. “ACCLR8” contained about 75% of another movie called “No Limitz” – my first movie ever. Actually, “No Limitz” was the first movie in the US to document the import scene back in 1998. I sold both “No Limitz” and “ACCLR8” out of the trunk of my Mazda at various car shows up and down the East Coast 98-01. That’s how I got my name out there.

4. The random chicks flashing and skateboarding footage in “Mischief” was taken from 2 skateboard movies that Sean Murphy produced while he owned Pornstar clothing.

5. Mischief was completed in 3 weeks. I had the footage lying around and put something together for Sean to look at back in 2002. It was put onto the market before I was able to re-edit it and touch it up. The movie was described as “raw and gritty”. Copies of “Mischief” flew off the shelves. We sold over 200,000 copies.

6. Auto Abuse – My brother and I rented the Accord (in the bonus section of Mischief) while out in Vegas for one day. The next day we rented something faster, the silver Maxima. The Maxima lasted one hour before I put a hole in the transmission. I told the rental place that I hit a tool box on a highway and it pulled me off the road into a ditch. The story was so stupid that they actually believed me. Daniel and I then flew to LA and rented the Explorer. That same night, we drove to San Diego to check out the local street races. It started to rain shortly after getting out to street races so I decided to put on a little stunt show for a few friends. That’s when I jumped the Explorer and almost killed myself. A security guard saw the whole jump and called the police. The police came but the security guard couldn’t speak English. I ended up doing the explaining and talked my way out of a trespassing ticket. I ended up bending the whole truck and cracking a wheel.

7. The R1 top speed run was done in New York. It took place in 1999!

8. There are 2 versions of Mischief on the market. We re-released Mischief together with 2 Fast 2 Furious (limited editions). The newer version has an better intro, better title graphics, and the song for the Detroit auto show is different.

9. I misspelled the first chapter – “Our Nation’s Capital.” The correct spelling is Capitol with an “o”.

10. The part where I am hiding my MX6 from the police in the dumpster was not fake. My friend Jason (Probe) and I were showing a couple guys from “Stuff” magazine the DC street races for a story that they were doing. After we drove out of the dumpster fence, the “Stuff” guys wanted to stay and wait for the races to start up again. The police showed up an hour later and surrounded us. The guys from “Stuff” were scared shitless because the cops confiscated their equipment. After getting a lecture, I ended getting a $40 ticket for unsafe parking on a street and the “Stuff” guys got their equipment back. Check out “Stuff” magazine the December 2000 issue.

11. The white Lamborghini Countach that races the Supra in the bonus section was owned by a old high school friend of mine. After the scene was shot, my friend did a bunch of donuts and broke the car. The repair bill was $10,000! Supposedly the car was purchased by Nicholas Cage.

12. Finally…the most talked about scene in Mischief is where the guy in the red Jetta was attacked at the DC street races. Here’s the story. Two stock cars were street racing. A Camry and a Focus. The Jetta was coming down the street while the 2 cars were racing and messed the race up. No fault of the Jetta owner because he wasn’t doing anything wrong. The Camry ends up making a U-turn and pulls in front of the Jetta. One of the guys in the Camry jumps out and confronts the guy in the Jetta. The guy in the Jetta freaks out and drives the car forward into the back of the Camry. That’s when all hell breaks loose. Well the case went to court and the black guy who attacked the guy in the Jetta was found guilty of attempted murder or something like that. Some rule in MD that if you attack someone while a car is in motion…He went to jail.

1. Intro
2. DC Street Racing
3. Trapped 1
4. Outrun
5. Snow
6. San Diego Street Racing
7. Auto Abuse: Ford Explorer
8. 2002 Detroit Auto Show
9. Auto Abuse: Nissan Maxima
10. Reckless
11. R1 Top Speed
12. Philly Street Racing
13. Trapped 2
14. Featured Car
15. Drag Crashes
16. Fucks ups/Credits

1. Auto Abuse: Honda Accord
2. Top Speed Run – Audi S4
3. Lambo vs. Supra drag
4. Wild Bikini Contest


Sean Murphy

Dustin Worles

Dustin Worles

Dustin Worles
Daniel Worles
Dado Carvalho
Levon Moosakhanian
Ray Motarefi
Jason Conklin
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James Hill

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