STUDIO: Teckademics, Reckless Entertainment
DISTRIBUTED: Video Action Sports
GENRE: Motorsports, Documentary
Mischief 3000 Photobucket Gallery

“Mischief 3000″ is the second coming after the huge success of the first “Teckademics” movie, “Mischief”. The movie features the Gumball 3000 underground rally across the country; 5 day race from NYC to LA! Includes stops in Graceland, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Exotics pushing 200mph on public roads! The “Mischief” guys Dustin and Dado participate in the event in Dado’s 1999 BMW M3.

Also included in the movie is street racing in Australia, US street racing, drifting, Autothority’s 996TT, Car and Driver magazine Super Tuner Challenge, and the kind of mindless mayhem that you expect from one of the best selling motor-sports DVD series in the world!

Rise Above Entertainment Achievement Award, Mischief Series Gold Achievement Status, 2003, IRMA Gold Certification for Sale of 125,000 units or a dollar volume of $9 million at retail for theatrically released programs, 25,000 units and $1 million suggested retail for nontheatrical titles

Rise Above Entertainment Achievement Award, Mischief Series Platinum Achievement Status, 2004, IRMA Platinum Certification for Sale of 250,000 units or a dollar volume of $18 million at retail for theatrically released programs, or 50,000 units or $2 million at suggested retail for non theatrical titles

1. Mischief 3000 Intro
2. Gumball 3000 – Introduction of featured racers
3. Gumball 3000 – What is the Gumball?
4. Gumball 3000 – Driver’s meeting
5. Gumball 3000 – DAY 1 – NYC to Nashville
6. Extreme Auto Launching
7. Gumball 3000 – DAY 2 – Nashville to Dallas
8. Australian Street Racing
9. Gumball 3000 – DAY 3 – Dallas to Santa Ana Pueblo
10. Featured Car: Autothority 996TT
11. Car and Driver magazine Super Tuner Challenge
12. Gumball 3000 – DAY 4 – Santa Ana Pueblo to Las Vegas
13. HyperFest Drifting Contest
14. Gumball 3000 – DAY 5 – Las Vegas to LA and conclusion
15. Reckless 2
16. Credits

1. Gumball Director’s Cuts
2. Mindless Mayhem
3. Dado Outrun
4. Domestic Rice
5. Photo Gallery


1. What really helped put the Mischief series on the map was our coverage of the Gumball 3000 rally. There hadn’t been a rally like this in the US since the original Cannonball Run days. After seeing the Gumball 3000 episode of Jackass on MTV in 2001, I knew Dado and I had to be participants. I researched the Gumball 3000 and found that they were planning on doing their first US rally that next month. We had only 30 days to prepare. The rally was taking starting off in NYC in April 2002. We had just met Reza the following winter and we convinced him to do the Gumball 3000 with us. The rest is history.

“Mischief 3000” became one of the best selling Special Interest DVDs in the world in 2003. It’s still our best seller. Because of our movie, Dado and I were received invites to document rallies all around the world for free.

2. Where did we find the pigs mask? We were required to rent a tux for the final Gumball 3000 party at the Playboy Mansion. I was looking for some crazy shit to buy in the costume section of this tux rental store. I came across the pig masks and I had to get them. Unfortunately the masks aren’t produced anymore and I only have 2 of them.

3. Gumball 3000 finish line at the Playboy Mansion We were so exhausted by the time we got to the mansion. We were told not to bring in cameras so Dado and I left our cameras back at the hotel. The rest of the Gumballers brought their cameras. We were pissed that we had no photographic evidence that we were partying at the PB Mansion. It was pretty chilly that night. No girls wearing bikinis. It was kinda disappointing but we were too tired to care. No crazy stories, sorry.

4. Sony mini-DV tape packaging Yeah I finally got it opened. It’s funny that the Sony tapes are now easier to open, lol! When the cop came up to us to give Dado the ticket, I asked the cop if he had a knife to open the package. He said he would open it if I gave him the tape in the camera. I found a way to open it myself.

5. Gumball rumors Rumor has it that a couple of participants donated their cars at the end of the rally for charity but I think that was a more or less a rumor started by the Gumball 3000. The organizers of these events love to spread these crazy rumors to make their rallies greater than they really are. We didn’t have anything to donate. Dado and I were broke as hell and we had to drive the M3 from LA back to DC after the Gumball ended instead of hiring a transporting service.

DJ Spencer – DVD theme song
Benko – “Rent Money”
Benko – “Try Hard”
Benko – “Wiggle”
Benko – “Stay the Night”
Benko – “Give it Up”
Benko – “Home Surgery Kit”
Benko – “Jazz”
Benko – “Cityscapes”
Benko – “Elekrto Cadiac”
Benko – “In the Shadows”
Benko – “Understand”
Rat Pack – “Demon”
Rat Pack – “You Don’t Know Me”
Rat Pack – “Iron the Crease”
Rat Pack – “Pencil Neck”


Sean Murphy

Dustin Worles

Dustin Worles

Chris “Romeo” Singh

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